Lawmakers Scrutinize Mitch Roob’s Buddies at ACS Keeping Contract While IBM Ousted

Don’t look now, but the legislature is getting ready to look a little deeper into why Affiliated Computer Services will keep their part of the FSSA contract Governor Daniels canceled with IBM.The Indianapolis Star reports:

“We’re going to be watching (ACS closely), because there is a perception that they are just as bad an actor as IBM,” Welch said after the Medicaid Oversight Commission met.Rep. Suzanne Crouch, R-Evansville, said lawmakers remain skeptical of ACS because it was brought in by Mitch Roob, a former ACS executive who oversaw the IBM/ACS project as Family and Social Services Administration secretary until January, when he became Indiana’s secretary of commerce.

“People are uncomfortable that ACS is still in place and that they were brought on board by former Secretary Roob,” said Crouch, one of several Evansville lawmakers who’ve led legislative criticism of the welfare changes.

Roob’s office did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

The lawmakers’ comments provided the first indication since IBM’s firing that political pressure also was building against ACS, one of IBM’s largest partners in the welfare outsourcing that moved 1,500 caseworkers from the state’s payroll to ACS’ employment 2 1/2 years ago. ACS workers compile eligibility data on welfare applicants before state employees decide which benefits to award.

Why should ACS keep the contract? Is it just because the Governor’s crony Mitch Roob worked there right before he awarded them the contract as director of FSSA?

Why Don't Lawmakers Trust This Man?

Why Don't Lawmakers Trust This Man?

Why would lawmakers be suspect of Roob’s connection ACS? It couldn’t have anything to do with his spendthrift ways of hiring consultants like Dick Rhoads as a  state employee then paying his commute and downtown hotel costs and when called on it by the budget agency moving that employee from their payroll to an outsourced contract of double the size. It couldn’t be that when Roob was hired to be the new director of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation that he was rewarded with a $20,000 per year boost over his predecessor under a Daniels mandated pay and hiring freeze in the midst of the worst financial crunch to hit the country and the state while services were being cut, tax revenues ebbed and state employees were getting fired and the IBM/ACS contract was already failing to meet expectations.

It couldn’t have anything to do with that. Could it?



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