Post-Trib Thinks Governor Owes an Explanation and a Beer

And so do we. You’ve probably already read about Daniels handing out the book “Real Education” to members of the Indiana Education Roundtable. The Gary Post-Tribune opines that the Governor owes an explanation of his interest in the book, if not an apology:

In “Real Education,” Murray writes off children from low-income families, saying there’s not much even the top schools can do to increase their achievement.

Murray theorizes that too many people are going to college, and not everyone should aspire to a higher education. And he maintains America’s future is based on how its gifted children or elite are educated.

These are negative messages to send any populace and why Daniels is impressed and intrigued by the book needs to be explained — or defended. Maybe it’s time for Daniels to invite state Rep. Vernon Smith, an education professor at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, to the governor’s mansion for a beer.

We like that the P-T wants Daniels to follow the President’s lead on peacemaking over hops. But we are keen to hear the Governor’s explanation as to what is so fascinating about this 19th Century notion of social Darwinist thought which tells young people you can never rise above your humble beginnings. Is that leadership?  And, like Thomas at Blue Indiana, we’re keen to hear the Superintendent’s thoughts on the matter:

I would question where Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett falls on this debate, but he would have to wait for the Governor’s Office to write him some talking points before a proper response could be offered.


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