Buyer Never Looked More Slippery Than Tonight on The CBS Evening News: Part Deux

Jim Shella’s WISH-TV soft-soaping of the CBS News piece on Congressman Steve Buyer’s Front Foundation is of note, mostly because of the succinct rebuttal Sharyl Attkinson, the investigative correspondent who interviewed Buyer, offered to the congressman’s claim that we shouldn’t “assume that if a company contributes to the foundation that that’s somehow some type of influence upon what I’m about to do.”

Attkisson drew a pretty clear line from Point A to Front B when interviewed by  Shella:

Sharyl Attkisson of CBS conducted the interview with Buyer. 24-Hour News 8 spoke with her Wednesday about the story.

“Buyer’s own campaign manager was asking to generate funds among donors who had direct interests on his committees in Congress. And that really is what raises, at the very least, an appearance problem here,” said Attkisson.


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