Troyer Announces Primary Challenge to Souder

We posted here that it was gonna happen. Now Fort Wayne attorney Phil Troyer who was the 1992 Republican nominee for what was then the 4th District, has officially entered the race to challenge Mark Souder in the Republican Primary for Souder’s 3rd District Congressional seat.

Troyer who has served as an aide to both Senator Lugar and former Senator Dan Coats is pledging to start the campaign with $25,000 of his own money and intends to challenge Souder’s bona fides as a fiscal conservative. Teabags anyone?

He criticized Congressman Souder for his voting record, and cited 50-cases where he felt Souder’s vote was not in-line with a being fiscal conservative.

3rd District Congressional Candidate Phil Troyer says, “There is definitely a movement out there that Congressman Souder has been there long enough. People don’t know the facts yet. And when I walk them through the spending, they’re shocked.”

ALO just loves hearing that the congressman intends to ignore his challenger and stay focused on his only Democratic challenger, 2006 nominee Dr. Tom Hayhurst who came the closest anyone has to knocking off Souder. Click through to the WPTA-TV video here.


Phil Troyer: Teabagger

Go ahead and do that Congressman. We look forward to watching the Republicans split their vote and spend their treasure while Tom keeps his powder dry for November. This race is a for real possibility. Keep your eyes peeled.


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