Daniels FlimFlam Editorial Deserves a Read

ALO has very little to add to the Daniels IBM/ACS/Mitch Roob/FSSA fiasco except to share Robert Mills’ letter to the editor in a recent Evansville Courier-Journal:

Watch for Daniels’ flimflam in FSSA deals

To the editor:

State Rep. Gail Riecken is right. Gov. Mitch Daniels is still sidestepping the Family and Social Services Administration disaster he created.

The old FSSA system needed a huge upgrade. We needed computers and software that worked.

We needed to keep the personal contact with many of our citizens. We needed a way to minimize paper storage and have reliable electronic storage of documents. We needed a way for computer savvy citizens to apply and recertify without coming into the office.

Daniels gave the state a system that was known to fail in Texas.

Now he has canceled the computer partner that had no part in the failure and kept the error ridden, unreliable, inefficient contract with Affiliated Computer Services.

More than 2,000 former state employees are stuck in this nightmare private, for-profit company.

Daniels has not given up on privatization. Beware of the flimflam. Legislators should investigate these facts and do the right thing for Indiana citizens.

Robert C. Mills

Retired State Employee


Thanks Bob!


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