Aim Higher Governor Daniels, Raise Some Funds to Return to Durham’s Victims

Governor Mitch Daniels is not interested in doing the right thing regarding the good people who have been victims of Tim Durham’s Ponzi scheme.

Gov. Mitch Daniels had a simple answer to calls for him to return campaign contributions from embattled Indianapolis businessman Tim Durham: there is no money.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker has said politicians who have received contributions from Durham, who has become the subject of an FBI probe for allegedly running a ponzi scheme, should make a donation to a charity in the same amount.

Daniels did not sound inclined to do so.

“His money’s been spent,” Daniels said, “so there’s nothing to return.”

Durham, whose Ohio-based Fair Financial and Downtown-based Obsidian Enterprises were raided by the FBI last week, has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to political candidates in recent years, most of them Republicans.

Daniels to Durham Victims: "I Spent It"

But that doesn’t stop him from raising money now at a law firm in Chicago for his PAC Aiming Higher as reported by the Gary Post-Tribune:

The law office of Mayer Brown LLP in Chicago will be the site of “An Evening with Gov. Mitch Daniels” tonight. Hosts listed on an announcement include former state Rep. Dan Dumezich, Wil Davis, CEO at the Gary Jet Center and businessman Dean White.

Individual tickets to the private event are $200. A co-sponsor can buy two tickets for $1,000 and a sponsor can buy eight tickets for $5,000.

Jankowski said the money will be used to support Republican candidates for statewide office in Indiana.

“This is about him encouraging people who are interested in keeping Indiana moving forward, encouraging them to seek office,” Jankowski said.

The fund-raiser is organized by the political action committee Aiming Higher, which Jankowski said is used to support “reform-minded candidates.”

According to the announcement, Daniels will “share his governing approach, Indiana’s story, and his new mission to ‘promote results, ideas, and candidates that focus on government reform and serving taxpayers.'”

Maybe the PAC could pony up the ill-gotten dough Durham wrote the Guv. Or better yet, how about you have a fundraiser for the Victims of Fair Finance. They’re taxpayers too.


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