When in Doubt, Blame The Weatherman

You gotta hand it to the Ballard Administration. They sure do know how to pass a buck.

The latest has the Head of the Indianapolis Department of Public Works David Sherman blaming the National Weather Service for their lack of preparedness. But they admit they didn’t put out enough trucks.

[Sherman] …said the city agency had been told to expect one-quarter inch of snow and based on that forecast they sent 37 plows and salt trucks out to pre-treat roads.Instead, the city got one inch of snow, which combined with low temperatures, created a slick mess for morning commuters.

“Some of the lower temperatures caused the roads to refreeze and the hillier areas to refreeze,” Sherman said.

He acknowledged the city should have had more trucks on the streets.

“I’m not happy unless everybody is happy,” Sherman said.

Sherman and Mayor Greg Ballard said the city might have more plows out to deal with another storm forecast for Wednesday.

The DPW said the partial call out of road crews for this morning cost the city around $58,000. A full call out over a longer period could have cost around $180,000.


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