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From today’s Indy Star under the auspicious title:

Brizzi: I didn’t do enough due diligence

Brizzi says he should have looked deeper before joining board of financier’s company

Brizzi said Monday that in the four years leading up to the re-election campaign, Durham contributed nearly $140,000, with additional transportation and in-kind donations valued at roughly $30,000.

“Tim is someone I have called a friend for several years,” Brizzi said in his statement. “He has been a supporter and generous contributor to many political candidates, party committees and charitable organizations.”

But Brizzi seemed to remain personally loyal to Durham, a longtime friend and financial donor. The two are known for socializing together, including flying to Miami in 2007 to watch the Super Bowl. Durham provided $4,500 worth of airfare to fly Brizzi to the game, according to Brizzi’s financial disclosures.

Brizzi reiterated earlier statements that he never attended a board meeting of Fair Financial and was never paid for serving as a board member. He repeated that he stepped down from the board in October after learning of media inquiries into the company’s business practices.

The company, Fair Financial, based in Akron, Ohio, is at the center of what federal authorities have described as a possible Ponzi scheme involving hundreds of millions of dollars.

Under growing pressure to explain his ties to an Indianapolis businessman whose offices were raided last month by the FBI, Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi acknowledged on Monday that he should have conducted greater due diligence before agreeing to serve on the board of one of the man’s companies.

The company shut its doors two weeks ago after the FBI confiscated several truckloads of documents and has yet to reopen, raising questions about whether Ohio investors will recoup their money.

In a three-page letter to supporters on his Facebook page Monday, Brizzi said: “I am unaware of any illegal business practices associated with Fair Financial or (parent company) Fair Holdings.”

But he said he should have looked deeper into the company before accepting an invitation in September from its chief executive, Timothy Durham, to serve on the board.

“In hindsight, I should have conducted greater due diligence,” Brizzi said.

Read the whole thing here. Oddly enough Prosecutor Brizzi has not chosen to friend us on Facebook, nor has he become a fan of the A Loyal Opposition page so we haven’t seen the whole statement. What a way that is to make an non-apology like this, just to your facebook friends. Weak.


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