Peterson Endorses Melina Kennedy for Mayor

In a blast e-mail that came out today the Melina Kennedy for Mayor campaign announced what is it’s most prominent endorsement yet, That of former Mayor Barton R. (Bart) Peterson.

Mayor Bart Peterson endorses Melina Kennedy

The release reads as follows:

Indianapolis–Today, former Indianapolis mayor Bart Peterson endorsed Melina Kennedy in her campaign for mayor of Indianapolis.  Peterson, whom Kennedy served as Deputy Mayor and Economic Development Director, singled out Kennedy’s accomplishments, leadership and work ethic in supporting her candidacy.

“First, Melina is a proven and experienced job-creator.  When hundreds lost their jobs at the United Airlines airport maintenance facility, I watched Melina work incredibly hard and show remarkable creativity to bring new jobs to Indianapolis. At the end of the day, after relentless effort, we brought a new company to Indianapolis that now employs hundreds at the facility again.”

“Second, Melina is a courageous, passionate and visionary leader. As a husband and father, I know Melina will work tirelessly to build an Indianapolis where our children and grandchildren can be safe, receive high quality education, and reach their dreams. Melina knows how to reach across lines that sometimes separate people, bringing together families, neighborhoods, labor, business, and the broader community.”

“And finally, no one out-works Melina. She won’t stop until we are a leader in job creation. She won’t stop until every child gets the education they need to achieve their potential. And she won’t stop until our rivers run clean and we are a truly sustainable city.”

Kennedy thanked Peterson for his support and his leadership of Indianapolis. “I am honored to have Mayor Peterson’s support. His dedication to this city, his leadership, and his passion for new ideas made this city a better place to live, work and raise a family.”


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