A Serious Loss…of perspective

Please people, please. The Colts lost a game and are sitting in the driver’s seat of the of the AFC as they enter the play-offs. We understand everyone’s disappointment as they will not unseat the 1972 Miami Dolphins as the only team with a perfect season. We really do. But a little perspective please.

Pay no attention to my FBI investigated son-in-law who throws excessive parties, contributes massive amounts to Republican candidates especially those working in criminal justice and has ruined hundreds of lives with a Bernie Madoff-like Ponzi scheme. Oh and Go Colts!

If you would like to see how someone looks when they lose perspective about a game take a look at this piece from The Indianapolis Star quoting former Republican City-Council President Beurt SerVaas:

A longtime community leader is urging the City-County Council to demand the Indianapolis Colts repay fans who bought tickets to Sunday ‘s game, a loss that wrecked the team’s chance at a perfect season.Beurt SerVaas, who served on the council for 41 years — many of them as president, drafted the resolution Monday after a game he called “an insult to the people of Indianapolis.” The Colts were leading the New York Jets by five points when coach Jim Caldwell took quarterback Peyton Manning and other key starters out of the game to ensure their health for the playoffs. The Colts lost 29-15, ending a record 23-game regular season winning streak.

“To have all these people come down on a snowy night and have to pay (hundreds) for a ticket they want to see the Colts work,” said SerVaas, who watched the game from home. “It really wasn’t a football game. It was a spectacle and not a very nice spectacle.”

SerVaas said the resolution would be a way for the council to send a signal to the team that councilors, as well as Indianapolis residents, are disappointed in the way the game was handled.

Beurt, we gotta give you style points for biding your time for just the right moment to jump out from under your family’s involvement with Ponzi-schemer Tim Durham and pounce on Indianapolis’ public enemy number one: football coaches.



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