Submit Your Ballard Meets Colonel Sanders Jokes Here

You’ve no doubt heard by now about the KFC Indianapolis cross-branding. Rather than write this up for you, we invite you to submit your jokes about this to our comments section.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Fast-food chain KFC is giving Indianapolis and another Indiana city $7,500 so it can emblazon founder Colonel Sanders’ face on their hydrants and fire extinguishers to promote new “fiery” chicken wings.

Experts say to expect more ads like this, on public property from sewer grates to the local landfill, as companies look to cut through the clutter of traditional advertising. Cash-strapped governments have long sold space on mass transit, benches, trash cans and other public property to help stretch budgets.

KFC told Indianapolis and Brazil in western Indiana it wanted to improve their fire safety by helping pay for new hydrants and extinguishers in exchange for advertising on them. The company plans to e-mail a national network of mayors today to find three more cities to participate in the approximately $15,000, monthlong effort, which began Tuesday.

Indianapolis will receive $5,000 to buy fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Some 33 extinguishers will be placed in recreation centers at city parks, and fire officials will hand out the detectors, said Jen Pittman, spokeswoman for Mayor Greg Ballard. The extinguishers will display KFC’s logo for at least a month, a KFC official said.

“It’s offsetting a need, it’s offsetting some of our budget costs,” Pittman said.

Alternative marketing efforts like this have been growing as people become immune to advertising in print, outdoors and on television, said Allen Adamson, managing director of branding firm Landor Associates in New York.

“I think it’s the tip of an iceberg of things to come as marketers struggle to find places to reach consumers and as cities look for ways to squeeze more dollars,” Adamson said.

Laura Ries, president of marketing consulting firm Ries&Ries outside Atlanta, said marketers must find new places to reach consumers.

“People ignore advertising, they try to get away from it whenever possible,” she said. “So hitting them in unusual and unlikely places, at least initially, is likely to get some attention.”


12 responses to “Submit Your Ballard Meets Colonel Sanders Jokes Here

  1. Ballard: Well, I’ve been enjoying the Colonel’s chicken so much lately, this seemed like a great fit.

    Colonel: Yes, we have put in a new restaurant on the 25th Floor of the City-County Building so the Mayor can hide out there when things get tough.

  2. Todd Sunnymede

    Finally, a vision for Indianapolis!

  3. Just as an aside, Colonel Sanders was born a Hoosier and spent the early part of his life here before moving to Kentucky.

  4. Matthew Bylsma

    Ballard: “And the extinguishers will dispense nothing but brown gravy as we agreed, right?”

    Sanders: “I’m just a paid actor, you tool.”

  5. Jason Hathaway

    I just hope that those fiery adds help thaw out the fire hydrants the Indy fire department’s been having all the trouble with this week. It’s been an arsonist’s dream around these parts.

  6. Ballard: “And the extinguishers will dispense nothing but brown gravy as we agreed, right?”

    Sanders: “I’m just a paid actor, you tool.”

    That’s good.

  7. spencervalentine

    Ballard: You know I was a Colonel too.

    Sanders: Please leave me alone now.

  8. I think Ballard just needs to start wearing NASCAR driving suits daily with various city project “sponsors” ‘ logos plastered all over.

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  10. I told Greg that this would come back to bite him.
    he can have fried chicken at my bar anytime he wants.

    Oh, question. Did Ballards SON who works for an advertising agency in Indianapoplis do this promotion? You bettcha, he does a LOT of work forthe city..of course no bidding on his part.

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