First Labor Negotiations Ballard Cares About

The Mayor has gotta be hoping to avoid labor unrest this year as he reads this Mike Chappell piece in The Indianapolis Star.

Labor issue could cancel Super Bowl in Indianapolis

“There’s still a full season (2010) and a postseason of football left, and the NFL has asked us to continue planning as we have been with the same date.”

Indianapolis plans on putting its best foot forward when it hosts Super Bowl XLVI after the 2011 NFL season.

A worst-case scenario, though, could put those plans — and the Super Bowl — on hold.


If owners and the players association are unable to reach agreement on a new labor contract, a work stoppage could disrupt, delay or cancel the 2011 season.

The latter would mean no Super Bowl XLVI, scheduled Feb. 5, 2012 in Lucas Oil Stadium.

Until informed otherwise, local organizers are taking a business-as-usual approach.

“It’s full speed ahead,” said Allison Melangton, president of the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee. “We have been in constant discussions with the NFL about it. They are communicating very well with us.


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