Zoeller to Pour Good Money After Bad; Daniels Using Governor’s Office to Run for RNC Chairman

We sat down write a pithy piece on how Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller was going to was going to waste more Indiana taxpayer money to prop up Senator Lugar’s opposition to the health care bill when we read a great post from Jon Easter on he and Chris Jackson’s blog IndyDemocrat which said most everything we wanted to say.

"Sure governorin's cool and all, but whatI'd really like to do is be RNC Chairman."

Here’s a taste:

According to the Indianapolis Star, Lugar has asked Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller to look at the constitutionality of the Senate package that, according to analysts, would raise the number of insured individuals in the country to 93 percent. Lugar charges that certain provisions of the bill violate the United States Constitution. The key provisions that are being targeted include the mandate that everyone buy health insurance and the Nebraska and Michigan exceptions which were negotiated by Harry Reid to gain votes for passage.

It would seem that Lugar and the Republicans are now conceding defeat on the health care issue as they are trying to position themselves for a court fight to try to overturn the legislation. It’s the fourth quarter and they are down a couple of touchdowns. Time to go to that last page of the playbook…

Lugar’s not the only legislator asking his home A.G. to take a look at the bill. Texas and Florida are also thinking about taking up the fight. Personally, with the state coffers so in the red, I would hope that Zoeller looks carefully at the case before proceeding. The state already spent $2 million in taxpayer money going after Chrysler last year in court before losing.

That last bit about Zoeller wasting more Hoosier tax dollars in obstructionist attacks is only part of the story. Since when are taxpayer-supported lawsuits against unfinished acts of congress a fiscally conservative approach to policy? Another friend of ALO had this to say:

First State Treasurer Murdock tried to block the bailout and now Zoeller is trying to block health care.  What the hell, is Indiana the new wing of the RNC?  …How much Indiana taxpayer dollars were spent with Murdock and now going to be spent on this exercise?

These actions feed speculation that these hand-picked Mitch Daniels people are part of a coordinated anti-Obama campaign to boost Daniels into the role of Republican National Committee Chairman. Then seeking the presidency. It makes sense.


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