Rethinking Republican Redistricting: Rokita Selling “Make Me Governor” Snake-Oil

The next in our ten part series on the Republican redistricting reform proposals. If you are a subscriber to our free newsletter than you will already have seen 10 through 6. If you haven’t subscribed, click here.

Number ten was about Secretary of State Todd Rokita’s utterly unverifyable and untrue claim that his plan would create more competitve districts. Read it here.

8.   Rokita is not interested in reform, rather, he is interested in reform-like rhetoric to stump his way to the Governor’s office.

"Step right up ladies and gents, this little beauty is the cure for problems you don't even have."

This is a snake-oil issue, at least the way Rokita is pedaling it. He has struck a tone that makes it seem as if fairness is his sole concern. To bypass any hint of a partisan agenda in his presentation when exhibiting how carved up some counties are he uses Republican stronghold counties like Hamilton, when in fact he is counting on making sure districts are carved up broad to dilute the power of any Democratic areas.

IU Law Professor and Political Scientist Dr. Luis Fuentes-Rohwer recognizes this.

This is well-packaged. That video he presented shows people these district shapes and people come away disbelieving.”

It is well-packaged. It is expensively packaged. It has its own website with all sorts of fancy graphics paid for by public resources. He closed his remarks at his Common Cause/League of Women Voters redistricting seminar presentation by stating that he “is dedicating the balance of my term as Secretary of State to passing this reform.”

Even though he knows it won’t pass. In fact, he hopes it doesn’t pass, because than he’ll have to come up with some other non-issue issue to talk about at rallies and Lincoln Day dinners while he campaigns for 2012.

If he were concerned about fair elections, he could discuss campaign finance. Corporations and unions have contribution limits, but individuals do not in Indiana politics. As a scandal roils through his party with a Ponzi schemer donating more than $150,000 to single campaign, the Chief election official in the state could show some outrage there, but then how could he get people to donate fat checks to his gubernatorial campaign?


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