A Couple of Dicks Disagree

Not all of us are proud of that headline, but none of us could come up with a better one.  So we kept it.

That said, ALO is always trying to find the good in folks. So, we are gratified and will be glad to say so here.

We like Dick Lugar…

…more than we like Dick Cheney.

(Insert  your Dick jokes here. Go ahead. We will wait.)

Anyway, it is noteworthy that Indiana’s 77-year-old Senior U. S. Senator Richard Lugar, stepped up to side with President Barack Obama rather than the former Vice President and finger that stirs the teabaggers, Dick Cheney.

Bloomberg.com under the title “Republican Lugar Rejects Cheney’s Obama Criticism” offers the following :

Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) — Richard Lugar, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, defended President Barack Obama’s handling of recent terrorism threats, taking issue with former Vice President Dick Cheney’s criticism.

“It’s unfair,” Lugar said in an interview for Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend. “I think the president is focused.”

Cheney, who frequently has led Republican attacks on the Democratic president since leaving office a year ago, told Politico on Dec. 29 that Obama “is trying to pretend we are not at war” with a “low-key response” to the Dec. 25 attempt to ignite a bomb aboard a flight to Detroit.

To the contrary, Obama has demonstrated “firmness” and “decisiveness,” Lugar, who represents Indiana, said. “That’s been the antidote to the criticism.”

A reasonably-minded Hoosier might have preferred somewhere in these statements that our Senator use terms to the effect of “Bat-Shit Crazy” or at least “fool hardy” to describe the former Vice President’s recent sour grapes. But we will just go ahead and thank him for supporting the President.


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