What Isn’t Todd Rokita Spending Taxpayer Dollars On? Making Sure Votes Get Counted

The US Election Assistance Administration, founded as part of the Help America Vote Act after the 2000 election fiasco, has released their. One of the most disturbing aspects is that Indiana is the worst at counting absentee ballots.

Absentee ballots? Lets skip doing a press release on that.

Out of 662,443 domestic absentee ballots submitted for counting, Indiana rejected a higher percentage than any other state, 68,209 or over 10%.

Unfortunately, Indiana does not require counties to track the reason for rejecting an absentee ballot. So about 98% of these ballots were rejected without a reason being recorded.

Indiana does have a very high number of absentee ballots rejected because the person already cast their ballot in person on election day.  Out of the 68,000 domestic absentee ballots submitted, 14,000 were rejected because the voter beat their ballot to the polls on election day and voted in person.  But even after you take those 14,000 out of the equation, Indiana still rejected the largest percentage of absentee ballots nationwide.

So, 76% of Indiana’s rejected absentee ballots were rejected without a recorded reason.  However, when you delete out those 14,000 absentee ballots rejected after the voter went to the polls, the percentage of absentee ballots whose reason for not being counted is listed as not categorized jumps to about 98%.

This is the proud service of Secretary of State Todd Rokita.

First, he mounts a crusade to give the state the most stringent identification before voting rules in the country, then he pours millions of public dollars into self-aggrandizing public relations efforts to get his mug into newspapers and on television, then he mounts a redistricting push that is entirely based in making a name for himself so he can run for governor and actually secure the state is forever gerrymandered to have both houses of the legislature and the congressional districts favor Republicans, but this comes out and…

…not a peep.

…nothing but crickets.

Where is the outrage Mr. Rokita?

Where is the publicly funded press junket touting this as a top priority for your administration?


Want to see the report? Click here. The table covering this is 34c.


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