Mike Pence Gearing Up for President or Governor in 2012?

Chris Good has reported the following on the Political blog over at The Atlantic:

Mike Pence, chairman of the House Republican Conference, is a possible 2012 presidential candidate, and today he’s added some national-level talent to his political team: prominent Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway has joined his House reelection campaign as a strategist, and he’s also announced that former Dan Quayle treasurer Bill Neale will serve as treasurer. Pence hasn’t announced any plans for 2012, but it would seem unnecessary to get top GOP talent for a House reelection campaign, since Pence is relatively safe in his seat.

And while this comes just months after he let his name be bandied about in a so-called “Value Voters” Straw Poll last September where he took about 12%, we tend to agree “Ryan” the sole commenter on the Atlantic’s blog post.

He could still run for gov in 2012?


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