ALO’s Kitchen Table Chat with Indy Mayoral Candidate Brian Williams: Part 1

This past Saturday morning with hot tea in hand, Brian S. Williams, Indianapolis business man and Democratic candidate for Indianapolis Mayor, came to the house and sat down with ALO and, over the course of an hour, shared his thoughts on the city, the direction he feels it needs to go and why he thinks he can get it there.

It was a pleasant conversation that was recorded to video with his permission. It covered a lot of ground. In particular were his thoughts on how critical it is to improve education in Indianapolis, how we should address the financial crises facing the city and how and why he can win.

Among the better bits in this first part is when he sums up the financial difficulties city government has been placed under by Governor Mitch Daniels’ property tax machinations. In a smoothly understated manner that actually helps deliver the impact of his point, Williams reminds us that the Daniels’ cuts will, in a best case scenario, put the city of Indianapolis in the red by an additional $30 million dollars, “that is a meaningful amount of money.

Yes sir it is.

Here we are posting part 1 of at least 3, if not 4, parts of that conversation. Virtually the only stuff edited out is the inane chattering of the interviewer, otherwise you get a pretty unfiltered view of Mr. Williams that morning.

As he left, we had to admit we were very impressed. We think you will be too.

As a matter of fact and as a disclaimer, we must point out that A Loyal Opposition is not endorsing any candidate in this race at this time and we have made the same offer to and look forward to interviewing the other Democrat presently in the race, Melina Kennedy, for a similar interview. We have been assured we will be able to interview her, but as yet we haven’t been able to schedule it. To be fair, it was kind of difficult to get schedules worked out with Mr. Williams too.

ALO is a resource for Democratic candidates and we will do our best to be responsive to those that wish to go on the record with us. Additionally, if you have a question you would like to have us ask these candidates please feel free to submit it as a comment to these posts or e-mail it to us. Mr. Williams has assured us he’d be willing to take follow-up questions and we know Ms. Kennedy will want to do likewise.

Part 2 of the interview has now been posted here.


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