Brian Williams’ Mayoral Campaign Proud of Campaign Launch

We received the following post via the ubiquitous Facebook this morning. Brian S. Williams, Democratic candidate for Indianapolis mayor has timed this piece to accompany his campaign finance report.

While his only filed Democratic challenger Melina Kennedy has not yet done such an announcement, we expect it quickly.

January 19, 2010

In August 2009, the “Williams for Indianapolis” mayoral campaign committee was established to begin a city-wide discussion on making Indianapolis a city that works for all of us. The campaign met its launch objectives, including:

• Establishing the campaign website,
• Launching a Facebook page and connecting with over 1,000 people
• Meeting face-to-face with over 400 Indianapolis voters
• Publishing 4 letters to Indianapolis on issues of importance
• Releasing 4 videos with Brian’s views on Indianapolis
• Ending 2009 with nearly $150,000 raised and only $2,600 in cash expenses

“Our launch goal was to put in place a great team and to begin a dialogue with Indianapolis residents. We exceeded our expectations on many fronts,” stated Williams.

“The next mayor of Indianapolis must address the city’s financial challenges in a sustainable manner and articulate a vision for Indianapolis,” said Williams. “We look forward to leading that discussion.”

Of note here are a couple things:

  • While Kennedy is likely to report a more sizable funds raised number (some are estimating a 5 ti 1 lead) and sizable cash-on-hand amount, it is of note that Williams, in an effort to keep his powder dry for a race that too many people seem to forget doesn’t take place until next year, watch the burn rate, how much is being spent in proportion to what is being raised. Williams has only spent $2,600 and is running this year with no staff of which to speak. We know from speaking with the Kennedy camp that they are also trying to keep their belts tight and hope to show well in this respect too, but the burn rate has been the bane of many a campaigns existence and is a good early indicator for all campaigns.
  • Also note that, there is a slow and low rumble out there among candidates that are running in 2010 that there should be some effort made by these 2011 candidates to help make this year a good one for their party, so it is wise of Williams to boast of accomplishments beyond fundraising, not only because he is likely not going to show as much cash strength as Kennedy, but also to point out that his campaign is seeking to move forward the issues without bankrupting the party’s donor base.
  • Finally, with the statement “[w]e look forward to leading that discussion” Williams is making a clear attempt to make this campaign about comprehension, vision and ideas. In contrast, up-to-now Kennedy has done very little press work that hasn’t involved listing endorsements. Though we expect her campaign to eventually put out a “Peterson Plan”-like document summing up he positions, the Williams strategy is worth paying attention to, if only to see if such ideas are of interest to Democratic primary voters.

All this leads us at ALO to point out that we have interviewed Brian Williams and is posted here.


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