My Malicious Mitch

As we at ALO have tried to see what needs written about, we have looked again and again at the Evan Bayh abdication and sought to provide words wise and soothing and found ourselves lacking anything to add that has not already bound-up the internet ether.


But, as he reliably does, Governor Mitch Daniels stepped up to seek attention like the schoolboy who repeats his jokes ad nauseum hoping for attention at recess. We don’t know if it was from having nothing of consequence to discuss at his state-of-the-state or all Evan Bayh’s attention, but we think it might have been this Ron Elving NPR piece entitled Presidential Futures Market Downgrades Stock Of Current Governors:

Members of the National Governors Association are meeting with President Obama today after a weekend black tie affair at the White House. It’s fair to guess that more than a few of the guests took the opportunity to check out the place with an eye toward future occupancy.

One or more of them may live at 1600 someday. Before President Obama, four of the previous five presidents were governors. As recently as the last presidential cycle, the major Republican contenders included two former governors: Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. A sitting governor, Sarah Palin, wound up as the vice presidential nominee.

But if the NGA has long been a forest of presidential timber, the current crop seems suddenly rather sparse.

Over the weekend, this gang of governors looked more like a battered raft of refugees than presidential contenders. Hard times are no kinder to governors than they are to presidents, and right now the sputtering recovery and stubborn unemployment numbers are weighing heavily on the state’s most visible leaders.

Consumed with problems close to home, the governors have not been big players in the health care debate or other national issues in the past year. And the same dynamic affects their own personal ambitions.

Beyond the bad economic numbers, intraparty unrest and just plain bad timing seem to be putting the ultimate political prize beyond the gubernatorial grasp.

When this piece was brought to his attention it had to bring he and his cult of impersonality to the brink of derision when it then goes on to name almost all the Republican governor’s by name and doesn’t even think to mention him. Neither as a good candidate or a bad one. Actually they didn’t even mention him as a governor.

So, in a matter of minutes he finds his way to making a coy, even dainty flip-flop for attention by dipping his toe into the 2012 pond. Never mind that he has been wholly adamant and even pointedly campaigned on never running for another office.

Key Daniels for President 2012 Campaign Strategies

We at ALO will let all that go for now. But we will, however, take a little time to list just a few of the crowning achievements of which this Governor can proudly boast all the way to the 2012 convention:

He will want to discuss all these virtues and more.

As will we.



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  1. I'm always wondering

    I hope you hang on to this.

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