Battle Health-care Bill Ignorance With This Tool

We recently posted that the only tool the Republicans have is a hammer to bludgeon Democrats over health-care through November.

The Washington Post has set-up a great tool on their website you can use to see exactly how the newly passed health-care bill will effect your household:

The health-care overhaul will change the way millions of Americans get health insurance and require nearly everyone to have health insurance or face penalties. A number of factors – including income, age, location and family size – will determine how it specifically impacts your life. This tool looks at what it could mean for your health coverage and taxes based on your income, family size and current insurance status.

Use it here

It is a great resource for the many expected water-cooler and coffee break discussions with those opposed to something they don’t understand.

If you are a supporter of the health-care overhaul then you need to continue your support for it in the aftermath. Be a talking point for its passage. Express your support and battle the ignorance.


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