Meet Dr. Tom Hayhurst

Quite a day in the Indiana 3rd District. Now that Mark Souder, one of the most self-righteous evangelical sanctimonious puritanical posers who ever held an Indiana congressional seat has stepped down just a little more than a decade later than he promised to when he signed the Republican Contract on America and it’s term limits provision due to discovery of his 2-year affair with a 45-year old campaign staffer (gotta give him credit there, he’s a horn-dog who defiled his wedding vows but at least he didn’t do so with some twenty-something), the stage is set for some fur to fly up in Northeast Indiana.

Now, the Democrat, the sage and serious Dr. Tom Hayhurst who four years ago came as close as anyone had to unseating Souder, is again our standard-bearer and here is what he has had to say to

Hayhurst on Souder resignation

Dr. Tom Hayhurst for Congress

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Tom Hayhurst, the Democratic candidate for Indiana’s 3rd District Congressional seat, issued the following  statement regarding the resignation of Republican Congressman Mark Souder:

Obviously this is a tough time for Congressman Souder and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

I am not running for Congress to run against anyone but I am running because I think I can help change Washington. That will not change no matter whom else is in the race.

I served my country in the Air Force, practiced medicine for over thirty years and raised a family right here in North East Indiana. I am not a politician but rather a citizen that knows if we don’t change the way Washington works we will never be the country we should be.

A good clear message Doc. Stay on it. You gotta go learn more about this guy if you don’t know him already. Visit his campaign site here: We at A Loyal Opposition are glad to say that one of our first postings was in support of the good doctor, you can view it with a campaign commercial from the 2006 contest here.

If you have been interested in some good news for Democrats in this state, get behind Dr. Tom Hayhurst. Here he is campaigning not three weeks ago:


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