Happy Father’s Day From The Once And Future Governor

Cynics out there will just say this is the once and future Governor keeping his name out there to remain relevant politically for whatever comes next.

But we at ALO much appreciated receiving Senator Evan Bayh’s Father’s Day e-mail greeting and video. Not only does it remind us of how lucky a man is when he gets the opportunity to be a dad, but it notes the unfortunate case of those growing up without a father’s influence.

The senator’s e-mail, which included a picture of himself and his sons, Beau and Nick, shooting around the old basketball, reads as follows:

The fathers our children deserve
I will never forget the day my children were born and my overwhelming sense of joy, responsibility and hope for the future.  My life was transformed.

Unfortunately, not every child knows the love and support of a father.  More than 24 million children in America will spend this Father’s Day without their biological dad.  These children are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to drop out of school, and more likely to end up in the criminal justice system.

Our nation’s moms – particularly single moms – do a heroic job of raising their children, but fathers have to share in the responsibility.

Tackling the epidemic of fatherlessness in America requires a unified effort.  States, the federal government, national organizations and community groups all have a role to play in helping dads become the fathers their children deserve. 

Above all, it takes a personal commitment on the part of America’s fathers to be there for their kids.

To all Hoosiers who have the joy of being called “Dad” and who serve as role models to your children — thank you for all that you do.


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