Mourdock Loves Beck Taint

Our favorite State Treasurer candidate ever, Pete Buttigieg has some disturbing and odd news to report in a campaign e-mail this AM:


I thought we’d seen it all.

Last year, we saw our own State Treasurer go to federal court to try to shut down one of our state’s most important employers, Chrysler Corporation.

Then we saw documentation that the lawsuit involved paying over $1,000 an hour for out-of-state lawyers, and tens of thousands of dollars on copies, with no indication of why the Indiana Attorney General couldn’t handle it.

We saw Indiana pension and road money invested in junk bonds and mortgage-backed securities, the same investments that were at the heart of the global financial crisis.

And this year, we saw Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an Arizona politician who is under investigation for alleged abuses in office, travel to Indiana to raise money for my opponent, Treasurer Richard Mourdock.

I thought this race couldn’t get any crazier. But I was wrong.

Now we’ve really seen it all: on Saturday, Treasurer Mourdock will be headlining a rally in Northeast Indiana with Fox’s Glenn Beck.

It’s already strange for an elected official to share the stage with a fringe figure like Beck, but there couldn’t be a more inappropriate officer to do so than the State Treasurer.

As you may know, Beck has been widely criticized for his role as a paid spokesman for Goldline, a company which markets “investments” in gold coins.  The company is under multiple investigations for  allegedly using overly aggressive sales tactics, misleading investors, encouraging sales persons to misrepresent themselves as financial advisors and stoking the public’s fears of hyper-inflation and socialist takeovers in order to sell their over-priced gold coins.

One would think that as Indiana’s Chief Investment Officer, Richard Mourdock would be warning Hoosiers about this questionable company, not lending it credibility by standing alongside its chief spokesman.

Sooner or later, Treasurer Mourdock has to choose between pursuing his extremist political agenda and being a responsible trustee of state resources – and we all hope he makes the right choice.

Either way, let’s send him a message that Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theories, divisive politics, and questionable investment schemes have no place in Indiana. Please donate $48 (one for every day left in this election), or whatever you can give, to offset the far-right-wing money this will attract to Treasurer Mourdock’s campaign coffers.

Together we can put an end to the bad investments, the frivolous spending and the hyper-partisanship that have overtaken the State Treasurer’s Office and get things back on track.

Pete Buttigieg


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