About A Loyal Opposition

To mount a loyal opposition is the first duty of a party loyalist. This site is geared toward challenging the vociferous and unchecked Republican assault on values in Indiana. Those values under attack include:

  • The belief that workers are the basis of a strong economy.
  • The precept that people’s lives and futures are more important than corporate largess.
  • The undying hope that reason will eventually overcome dogmatic rhetoric no matter how loud.

We hope you will keep up with our news by subscribing to our RSS feed and our e-newsletter mailing list. Thanks and keep fighting the good fight.



7 responses to “About A Loyal Opposition

  1. Spencer, I like your views!

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  3. I enthusiastically encourage our Democratic leaders and other loyal D’s to make your blog a regular habit. Your newsletter’s information and free-flowing style offers its own innate recommendation.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight!

    Jeff Fites
    Democratic Chair
    4th Congressional District of Indiana

  4. I love the latest email! Especially the part about Mitch ‘bragging’ about his public education ‘achievements.’ Keep up the good work! No, the great work!

  5. Great Job with “A Loyal Opposition.” The links to various articles are helpful. No Governor in this country has been more contemptuous of local government and social service agencies than Mitch Daniels. He seems to relish going after services that are needed by the aged, the infirm and the disabled while his cronies in the corporate suites go unscathed and unexamined. We need more websites like yours!

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