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Dan Coats Moved Indiana Jobs to Mexico

¡Trabajadores apesadumbrados!

Congressman Brad Ellsworth points out corporate shill Dan Coats’ profiteering at the expense of Hoosier jobs in this latest campaign video. Ellsworth, the Congressman and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, explains why this is important in this election as follows:

A couple of years ago, my opponent’s employer, Cerberus Capital Management, sold off the GDX Automotive plant in Wabash and shipped its operations to Mexico. Eight hundred Hoosiers lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and the impact on the community has been devastating.  Families depended on the income from those jobs to put food on the table, save for college, and provide basic health care.  The ripple effect the closing of this facility had on other local businesses has, likewise, been catastrophic.

Earlier this week, I traveled to Wabash.  We talked to some folks in the community who have been affected by the plant closing, and I wanted you to hear their stories directly from them.

This is an important issue in this campaign.  In the Senate, Dan Coats was a vocal supporter of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which provided incentives for companies like Cerberus to move jobs out of America.  But it’s Coats’ direct work for Cerberus that is even more troubling.  At the same time the company was firing hundreds of hardworking Hoosiers, it was paying Dan Coats thousands in consulting fees. We cannot keep sending people to Washington who are working to stack the deck against everyday Americans: loopholes that allow government contractors to ship jobs overseas, trade agreements that put American workers at a disadvantage, and economic policies that reward greed over a job well done. I have seen the strength and determination of Indiana workers, and with a level playing field, I know we can compete with anyone in the world.  This election is a chance to turn things around. Together, we can make sure Washington works for everyday people again – creating good American jobs, protecting workers’ pensions and retirement, and laying the foundation for Indiana’s long-term economic strength and prosperity.


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